Timothy Spall

Date of Birth 27 Feb. 1957
Place of Birth Battersea, London, England, UK



2003 The Last Samurai as Simon Graham
1998 The Wisdom of Crocodiles as Inspector Healey
1998 Still Crazy as David 'Beano' Baggot
2001 Vanilla Sky as Thomas Tipp
1979 Quadrophenia as Projectionist
2007 Enchanted as Nathaniel
1996 Secrets & Lies as Maurice Purley
2009 The Damned United as Peter Taylor
2003 Gettin' Square as Darren Barrington
2000 Vatel as Gourville
1990 The Sheltering Sky as Eric Lyle
2000 Chicken Run as Nick (voice)
2001 Intimacy as Andy
2010 Alice in Wonderland as The Bloodhound (voice)
2002 All or Nothing as Phil
2008 Appaloosa as Phil Olson
1986 Gothic as Dr. Polidori
2009 Desert Flower as Terry Donaldson
2009 The Fattest Man in Britain as Georgie Godwin
2007 Death Defying Acts as Sugarman
2001 Lucky Break as Cliff
1985 The Bride as Paulus
1985 Dutch Girls as Lyndon Baines Jellicoe
2002 Nicholas Nickleby as Charles Cheeryble
2003 My House in Umbria as Quinty
1990 Life Is Sweet as Aubrey
2005 Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman as Albert Pierrepoint
1998 Neville's Island as Gordon
2009 Heartless as George Morgan
1999 Topsy-Turvy as Richard Temple (The Mikado)
2010 The King's Speech as Winston Churchill
1988 To Kill a Priest as Igor
1988 Dream Demon as Peck
2009 From Time to Time as Boggis
1982 Oliver Twist as 1st Constable
2000 Love's Labour's Lost as Armado
1982 The Missionary as Parswell
2010 Jackboots on Whitehall as Churchill (voice)
2011 Wake Wood as Arthur
2011 Reuniting the Rubins as Lennie Rubin
2012 Ginger & Rosa as Mark
2012 Love Bite as Sid
2012 Room on the Broom as Dragon (voice)
2012 Comes a Bright Day as Charlie
2012 Assassin's Bullet as Dr. Kahn
1987 Body Contact as Paul
2012 Boy
2009 Gunrush as Doug Becket
2013 The Love Punch as Jerry
2006 Teenage Tourettes Camp as Narrator
2011 My Angel as Mr. Lambert
1990 1871 as Ramborde
2014 Mr. Turner as JMW Turner
1996 Hamlet as Rosencrantz
1991 Not Mozart: WAM! Limited as Wolfgang and Amadeus Mozart
1982 Home Sweet Home as Gordon
2012 Upside Down as Bob Boruchowitz
2016 Alice Through the Looking Glass as Bayard (voice)
2001 Ivor the Invisible as Dad (voice)
2001 Rock Star as Mats, Steel Dragon Road Manager
2015 Cider with Rosie as Laurie Lee (voice)
1991 Nona
2007 A Room with a View as Mr Emerson
1982 Remembrance as Douglas
1981 The Cherry Orchard as Epikhodov
2016 Away as Joseph
2016 Denial as David Irving
1988 Crusoe as Reverend Milne
2017 The Party as Bill
2017 The Journey as Ian Paisley
2014 9 Kisses as Arm Wrestling Man #2
2017 Finding Your Feet as Charlie Glover
2017 The Changeover as Carmody Braque
2015 Sucker as The Professor
2015 Fungus The Bogeyman as Fungus
2006 Mysterious Creatures as Bill Ainscow
2005 Cherished as Terry Cannings
2012 The Rise as D I West
2018 Early Man as Chief Bobnar (voice)
1999 Shooting the Past as Oswald Bates
1988 Journey's End as Lt. Trotter
2019 The Corrupted as Clifford Cullen
1978 The Vanishing Army as Wainwright
1989 David Macaulay: Pyramid as Kawab / Tomb Robber (voice)
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