Maury Chaykin

Date of Birth 27 Jul. 1949
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York, U.S.



1990 Dances with Wolves as Major Fambrough
1983 WarGames as Jim Sting
1995 Cutthroat Island as John Reed
1999 Entrapment as Conrad Greene
1997 The Sweet Hereafter as Wendell
1986 The Vindicator as Burt Arthus
1989 Millennium as Roger Keane
2000 The Art of War as Frank Capella
1997 MouseHunt as Alexander Falko
1997 A Life Less Ordinary as Tod Johnson
2008 Blindness as Accountant
1995 Devil in a Blue Dress as Matthew Terell
2005 The Hunt for the BTK Killer as Robert Beattie
1988 Twins as Burt Klane
1981 Death Hunt as Clarence
2005 Where the Truth Lies as Sally Sanmarco
2006 Heavens Fall as Lyle Harris
1992 The Adjuster as Bubba
1985 Def-Con 4 as Vinny
2001 Plan B as Donald Rossi
1983 Of Unknown Origin as Dan Errol
1999 Mystery, Alaska as Bailey Pruitt
2003 Owning Mahowny as Frank Perlin
2006 It's a Boy Girl Thing as Stan Deane
2002 Hostage as The Kidnapper
2004 Wilby Wonderful as Mayor Brent Fisher
2010 Casino Jack as Big Tony
1987 The Bedroom Window as Pool Player
1990 Where the Heart Is as Harry
1989 Cold Comfort as Floyd Lucas
2001 Varian's War as Marcello
1984 Harry & Son as Lawrence
1998 Jerry and Tom as Billy
1987 Wild Thing as Jonathan Trask
1994 Camilla as Harold Cara
1989 George's Island as Mr. Droonfield
1984 Hockey Night as Bum Johnston
1988 Stars & Bars as Freeborn Gage
1994 Whale Music as Desmond Howl
2001 On Their Knees as Norman
1984 The Guardian as Rudy Simbro
1997 Northern Lights as Ben Rubadue
2002 The Wet Season as Uncle Rick
1983 Curtains as Monty
1979 Riel as Howard
1992 Leaving Normal as Leon
2004 Intern Academy as Dr. Roger 'Tony' Toussant
1982 Highpoint as Falco
1986 Meatballs III: Summer Job as Huey, River Rat Leader
1995 Sugartime as Tony Accardo
1997 Love and Death on Long Island as Irving 'Irv' Buckmuller
1987 Caribe as Captain Burdoch
1995 Unstrung Heroes as Arthur Lidz
1985 In Like Flynn as Williams
1997 Pale Saints as The Pirate
2000 What's Cooking? as Herb 'Herbie' Seelig
1986 Act of Vengeance as Claude Vealey
1993 Money for Nothing as Vincente Goldoni
2010 Abroad as Lord Oldenberg
1988 Hot Paint as Wilensky
1992 Split Images as Walter Kouza
1980 Double Negative as Rollins
2008 Elijah as Howard Pawley
2004 Sugar as Stanley
1985 Turk 182! as Man in wheelchair
1999 Touched as Burt
1997 Keeping the Promise as Hunter Ben Loomis
1987 Hearts of Fire as Charlie Kelso
2011 Conduct Unbecoming as Col. Fox
2003 Hemingway vs. Callaghan as Max Perkins
2004 Being Julia as Walter Gibbs
2004 Camp Hollywood as Himself
1980 Jimmy B. & Andre as Bruno
2008 The Grift as Rusty
1980 Nothing Personal as Kanook
1992 Hero as Winston
1980 The Kidnapping of the President as Harvey Cannon
1993 Josh and S.A.M. as Pizza Man
1984 Mrs. Soffel as Charlie Reynolds
2001 Bartleby as Ernest
1996 If Looks Could Kill as Dr. Richard Boggs
1998 The Mask of Zorro as Prison Warden
2010 Barney's Version as Wedding Guest
1982 Soup for One as Dr. Wexler
1992 My Cousin Vinny as Sam Tipton
1989 Breaking In as Vincent Tucci
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