William Atherton

Date of Birth 30 Jul. 1947
Place of Birth Orange - Connecticut - USA



1988 Die Hard as Richard Thornburg
2003 The Last Samurai as Winchester Rep
1984 Ghostbusters as Walter Peck
1990 Die Hard 2 as Richard Thornburg
1974 The Sugarland Express as Clovis Michael Poplin
1975 The Day of the Locust as Tod Hackett
2005 Into the Sun as Agent Block
1991 Oscar as Overton
2000 The Crow: Salvation as Nathan Randall
1996 Bio-Dome as Dr. Noah Faulkner
1986 No Mercy as Allan Deveneux
1997 Mad City as Dohlen
1993 The Pelican Brief as Bob Gminski
2005 Headspace as Dr. Ira Gold
1985 Real Genius as Prof. Jerry Hathaway
1995 Frank & Jesse as Allan Pinkerton
2005 Gone but Not Forgotten as Sen. Ray Colby
2007 Kush as King
2007 The Girl Next Door as Adult David Moran
2001 Race to Space as Ralph Stanton
1990 Buried Alive as Cortland 'Cort' van Owen
2010 The Kane Files: Life of Trial as Daniel Morgan
1975 The Hindenburg as Boerth
1990 Grim Prairie Tales as Arthur
2008 Aces 'N' Eights as Howard
2014 Jinn as Father Westhoff
2008 Ghouls as Stefan
1999 Introducing Dorothy Dandridge as Darryl Zanuck
1992 Chrome Soldiers as Sheriff Blackwell
2001 Burning Down the House as Arthur Kranston
1972 The New Centurions as Johnson
1997 Executive Power as President Fields
2004 Who's Your Daddy? as Duncan Mack
2008 Black Crescent Moon as Jo Dexton
1981 The House of Mirth as Lawrence Selden
1976 Independence as Benjamin Rush
2007 Towards Darkness as John
2016 Ghostheads as Himself
2017 Clinical as Terry Drummond
1988 Intrigue as Doggett
1996 Raven Hawk as Philip Thorne
1997 Hoodlum as Thomas E. Dewey
1973 Class of '44 as Fraternity President
1987 The Equalizer - The Movie: Blood & Wine as Martin 'Alpha' Loeber
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