Scott Wilson

Date of Birth 29 Mar. 1942
Place of Birth Atlanta, Georgia, USA



1989 Johnny Handsome as Mikey Chalmette
2003 The Last Samurai as Ambassador Swanbeck
1995 Dead Man Walking as Kaplan Farlely
2005 Junebug as Eugene
1967 In the Heat of the Night as Harvey Oberst
1974 The Great Gatsby as George Wilson
2006 Open Window as Eddie
1990 The Exorcist III as Dr. Temple
2006 Come Early Morning as Lowell Fowler
2009 For Sale By Owner as Doktor Banks
1990 Young Guns II as Governor Lewis Wallace
1996 Shiloh as Judd Travers
1987 Malone as Paul Barlow
2007 Big Stan as Warden Gasque
1969 The Gypsy Moths as Malcolm Webson
1988 The Tracker as John 'Red Jack' Stillwell
1993 Flesh and Bone as Elliot
1967 In Cold Blood as Richard 'Dick' Hickcock
1980 The Ninth Configuration as Capt. Billy Cutshaw
2012 Kiss the Abyss as Mark
1991 Pure Luck as Frank Grimes
2006 Saving Shiloh as Judd Travers
1986 Blue City as Perry Kerch
1985 The Aviator as Jerry Stiller
1991 Femme Fatale as Dr. Beaumont
1999 Shiloh 2: Shiloh Season as Judd Travers
1971 The Grissom Gang as Slim Grissom
2002 Coastlines as Pa Mann
1976 The Passover Plot as Judah
1973 Lolly-Madonna XXX as Thrush Feather
1984 Downstream as Mitch
2002 Don't Let Go as Jimmy Ray Stevens
1988 Jesse as Sam Maloney
1983 The Right Stuff as Scott Crossfield
1969 Castle Keep as Cpl. Clearboy
2001 The Animal as Mayor
1995 Judge Dredd as Pa Angel
2006 The Host as American Doctor
1995 Soul Survivors as Bradley Facemeyer
2001 Pearl Harbor as Gen. George C. Marshall
2011 Five as Bill (Older)
2013 Dorfman in Love as Winston Cooke Sr.
2016 Legion as Dr. Temple
2017 Hostiles as Cyrus Lounde
2003 Monster as Horton / Last "John"
2000 The Way of the Gun as Hale Chidduck
1998 Clay Pigeons as Sheriff Dan Mooney
1998 Pride: The Fateful Moment as Joseph Berry Keenan
1970 The OA as Abel Johnson
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