Elizabeth McGovern

Date of Birth 18 Jul. 1961
Place of Birth Evanston, Illinois, USA



1984 Once Upon a Time in America as Deborah Gelly
1989 Johnny Handsome as Donna McCarty
1990 The Handmaid's Tale as Moira
1990 A Shock to the System as Stella Anderson
2010 Kick-Ass as Mrs. Lizewski
2000 The House of Mirth as Mrs. Carry Fisher
1981 Ragtime as Evelyn Nesbit
2001 Buffalo Soldiers as Mrs. Berman
1988 She's Having a Baby as Kristen 'Kristy' Briggs
1993 King of the Hill as Lydia
1997 The Wings of the Dove as Susan Stringham
1980 Ordinary People as Jeannine Pratt
1987 The Bedroom Window as Denise
1984 Racing with the Moon as Caddie Winger
2010 Clash of the Titans as Marmara
1994 The Favor as Emily
1983 Lovesick as Chloe Allen
2011 Angels Crest as Jane
1996 Wings of Courage as Noëlle Guillaumet
1986 Native Son as Mary Dalton
1996 The Summer of Ben Tyler as Celia Rayburn
1997 Clover as Sara Kate
2007 Daphne as Ellen Doubleday
2000 Manila as Elizabeth
1996 Broken Glass as Margaret Hyman
1993 The Changeling as Beatrice-Joanna
1993 The Changeling as De Flores
2015 Swung as Dolly Adams
1993 Me and Veronica as Fanny
2015 Unexpected as Carolyn
2016 Showing Roots as Shirley
2015 Woman in Gold as Judge Florence-Marie Cooper
2001 The Flamingo Rising as Edna Lee
2007 A Room with a View as Mrs Honeychurch
2009 Appointment with Death as Dame Celia Westholme
2006 The Truth as Donna
2018 The Commuter as Karen MacCauley
1990 Tune in Tomorrow... as Elena Quince
2011 Christmas at Downton Abbey as Cora Crawley
2008 Inconceivable as Tallulah 'Tutu' Williams
2019 The Chaperone as Norma
2018 The Wife as Elaine Mozell
2012 Screen Goddesses as Narrator
2019 Downton Abbey as Cora Crawley
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