Nigel Bennett

Date of Birth 19 Nov. 1949
Place of Birth Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England, UK



2002 Cypher as Finster
1994 Legends of the Fall as Asgaard
1993 Back in Action as Kasajian
2000 The Skulls as Dr. Rupert Whitney
2009 Darwin's Darkest Hour as Sir Charles Lyell
1990 Narrow Margin as Jack Wootton
1999 Top of the Food Chain as Michel O'Shea
1997 Murder at 1600 as Burton Cash
2001 A Town Without Christmas as Literary Agent
2007 Just Buried as Chief Knickle
2004 Post impact as Col. Preston Waters
2003 Do or die as Ethan Grant
1997 The Arrow as James (Jim) Floyd
2004 Phantom Force as Jack Bavaro
2006 Fatal Trust as Samuel Ryder
2012 The Corridor as Lee Shephard
1993 Model by Day as Nicholai
2005 The Pilot's Wife as Dick Somers
2003 Sex & the Single Mom as Nick Gradwell
2009 Sea Wolf as Henderson
1995 Degree of Guilt as Victor Salinas
2007 Matters of Life & Dating as Errol Sager
2000 Code Name: Phoenix as Head of Marshall Service
1996 Her Desperate Choice as Raskin
2002 The Scream Team as Warner MacDonald
1998 Sanctuary as Sen. Stephen Macguire
1998 Naked City: A Killer Christmas as Joseph Soloff
2007 Jesse Stone: Sea Change as Harrison Pendleton
1987 A Child's Christmas in Wales as Father (past)
2006 A Bug and a Bag of Weed as Henry Tyler
2008 Bridal Fever as Sam Panofsky
1999 Half a Dozen Babies as David McLaughlin
1999 Different as Russell Talmadge
1997 Any Mother's Son as Allan Schindler Sr.
1995 Between Love and Honor as Large Man
2017 The Shape of Water as Mihalkov
2008 Passage as Sir James Graham
1997 Lies He Told as Commanding Officer
2002 Too Young to Be a Dad as Dr. Howell
2003 Mrs. Ashboro's Cat as Ted Riker
2013 Time of Death as Robert Loring
2002 Phase IV as Sen. Richard Karnes
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