Andrea Roth

Date of Birth 30 Sep. 1967
Place of Birth Woodstock - Ontario - Canada



2007 War as Jenny Crawford
2009 The Collector as Victoria Chase
2006 Last Exit as Diana Burke
2009 The Skeptic as Robin Becket
2005 Crazy for Christmas as Shannon McManus-Johnson
2002 The Untold as Marla Lawson
2004 Highwaymen as Alexandra Farrow
2005 Chasing Christmas as Present
1996 Crossworlds as Laura
2000 Dangerous Attraction as Allison Davis
2009 A Golden Christmas as Jessica
2009 Courage as Teresa
1992 Seedpeople as Heidi Tucker
1994 The Club as Amy
1994 A Change of Place as Kim Jameson / Kate 'Dominique' Jameson
2002 All Around The Town as Sarah Kinmount
2000 Wilderness Love as Gina
2011 Committed as Celeste Dupont
2015 Dark Places as Diondra Wertzner
1999 Hidden Agenda as Monika Engelmann
2013 Forever 16 as Mac
1995 A Woman of Independent Means as Eleanor, as an adult
2006 The Time Tunnel as Toni Newman
1992 Psychic as April Harris
1997 Executive Power as Susan Marshall
2015 Stolen Daughter as Stacey Wilkins
2008 Bridal Fever as Gwen Green
2000 The Stepdaughter as Susan Heller
2016 Evidence of Truth as Renee Murphy
1997 Divided by Hate as Carol Gibbs
1992 The Good Fight as Emily Cragin
1996 The Sunchaser as Head Nurse
1970 Goliath as Dianne Walker
2004 The Perfect Husband as Beverly Dorian
1994 Robocop: The Future of Law Enforcement as Diana Powers / NeuroBrain
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