Rolf Lassgård

Date of Birth 29 Mar. 1955
Place of Birth Östersund, Jämtlands län, Sweden



2006 After the Wedding as Jørgen
2007 To Love Someone as Alf
1994 Stockholm Marathon as Gunvald Larsson
1993 Murder at the Savoy as Gunvald Larsson
1994 Polismördaren as Gunvald Larsson
1993 Roseanna as Gunvald Larsson
2009 Storm as Jonas Dahlberg
1993 The Slingshot as fånge
2009 Så olika as Martin Larsson
2009 A Rational Solution as Erland Fjellgren
2008 Angel as Rick
1996 Potatishandlaren as Sture
1993 The Fire Engine That Disappeared as Gunvald Larsson
1996 The Hunters as Erik Bäckström
1993 The Man on the Balcony as Gunvald Larsson
1998 Under the Sun as Olof
2004 Three Suns as Torben Barberare
2011 False Trail as Erik Bäckström
1992 My Big Fat Father as Fritz Algot 'Tjaffo' Nilsson
2001 Family Secrets as Bosse Bendricks
1996 Such Is Life as Olle Sundqvist
2003 Capricciosa as Henrik's Father
1991 Önskas as Bosse
2005 One Step Behind as Wallander
2013 Uferlos! as Mikkel Nordergren
1995 The Dogs of Riga as Kurt Wallander
2000 Gossip as Magnus Wiktorsson
1994 Sommarmord as 'Backhammer', chief of police
1999 Where The Rainbow Ends as Rajje - Raymond
2007 The Pyramid as Kurt Wallander
2006 Wallander - Firewall as Kurt Wallander
2015 Miraklet i Viskan as Bjarne
2015 A Man Called Ove as Ove
1997 Their Frozen Dream as Knut Frænkel (voice)
1996 The White Lioness as Wallander
2017 The Lion Woman as Gustav
2017 Downsizing as Dr. Jorgen Asbjørnsen
2010 Kennedy's Brain as Prof. Hellstrom
2008 House of Fools as Freiner
1970 The Swimmer as Odvar
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