Brendan Sexton III

Date of Birth 21 Feb. 1980
Place of Birth Staten Island, New York, USA



1999 Boys Don't Cry as Marvin "Tom" Nissen
2001 Black Hawk Down as Pfc. Richard 'Alphabet' Kowalewski
2001 Session 9 as Jeff
2008 The Marconi Bros as Anthony Marconi
1996 Welcome to the Dollhouse as Brandon McCarthy
1998 Pecker as Matt
1995 Empire Records as Warren
1999 Desert Blue as Blue Baxter
2007 The Secret as Ethan
2006 Love, Ludlow as Ludlow
2007 The Girl in the Park as Stuart
2010 The Truth as Gabriel Doyle
2005 This Revolution as Daniel Symptom
2012 Seven Psychopaths as Young Zachariah
2008 Bohica as Fish
1997 Hurricane Streets as Marcus
1998 Spark as Mooney
2011 In My Pocket as Eric
2007 Neal Cassady as Little Big
2009 Everybody's Fine as Mugger
2014 Beautiful Girl as William
2015 Dark as John
2015 10 Cent Pistol as Donny
2013 Blake as Blake
2014 Yellow as Nowell
1997 Arresting Gena as Soldier
2006 Just Like the Son as Grant
2014 Glass Chin as Jimmy Musial
2004 Winter Solstice as Robbie
2013 7E as Clyde
2013 The Odd Way Home as Dave
2010 The Runaways as Derek
2009 Winter of Frozen Dreams as Jerry Davies
2009 The Messenger as Recruiter Olson
2006 Little Fugitive as Frank
2005 Hide and Seek as Store Clerk (uncredited)
1970 White Orchid as James
2018 New Money as Steve Purdy
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