Ahn Sung-Ki

Date of Birth 01 Jan. 1952
Place of Birth 한국, 대구



2001 The Warrior as Jin-lib
1999 Nowhere to Hide as Chang Sungmin
2009 Fair Love as Hyung-man
2004 Arahan as Ja-woon
2006 Battle of the Warriors as Xiang Yan-zhong
1986 Winter Wanderer as Hyeon-tae
1998 Spring in My Hometown as Sungmin's father
2006 Radio Star as Manager Park
2002 Painted Fire as Kim Byung-Moon
1998 The Soul Guardians as Park Shin-bu
2008 The Divine Weapon as King Sejong
2003 Silmido as Commandant
2002 My Beautiful Girl, Mari as Kyeong-min
1996 Sleeping Man as Takuji
1998 Art Museum by the Zoo as In-Gong
2012 Pacemaker as Park Sung-Il
2001 The Last Witness as Hwang-seok
1992 White Badge as Han Ki-ju
1993 To the Starry Island as Kim Chul
2011 Sector 7 as Lee Jeong-man
2012 Unbowed as Teacher Gim Gyeongho
2015 Last Knights as Auguste
2005 Duelist as 안포교(An Pogyo)
2014 The Divine Move as The Lord
1983 The Village of Mist as Kae-chul
2000 Kilimanjaro as Beon-gae
1995 The Eternal Empire as King Jeongjo
2014 Revivre as Chol Managing Director
1985 Er Woo Dong: The Entertainer as The Assassin
1985 Deep Blue Night as Gregory Baek Ho-bin
2016 The Hunt as Moon Ki-Sung
2006 Hanbando as South Korean President
1960 The Housemaid as Kim Chang-soon
1981 Mandala as Pobun
2013 Jury as Sung-ki
1992 Blue In You as Ho-suk
2008 My New Partner as Kang Min-ho
1987 Our Sweet Days of Youth as Young-min
1994 The Taebaek Mountains as Kim Beom-woo
1989 Gagman as Lee Jong-se
1986 Hwang Jin Yi as Gat Ba-chi
1993 Two Cops as Detective Jo Yoon-soo
1980 Good Windy Day as 덕배 역
1981 A Ball Shot by a Midget as Young-soo
1998 Bedroom And Courtroom as Myung Sung-Ki
2000 Black Hole as I
1982 Come Down to a Lower Place as Teacher Song
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