Paddy Considine

Date of Birth 05 Sep. 1974
Place of Birth Buton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, UK



2005 Cinderella Man as Mike Wilson
2007 The Bourne Ultimatum as Simon Ross
2002 24 Hour Party People as Rob Gretton
2003 In America as Johnny
2007 Hot Fuzz as DS Andy Wainwright
2002 Close Your Eyes as Elliot Spruggs
2000 Last Resort as Alfie
2009 Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee as Le Donk
2006 Pu-239 as Timofey
2006 The Backwoods as Norman
2004 My Summer of Love as Phil
2004 Dead Man's Shoes as Richard
2005 Stoned as Frank Thorogood
2011 Submarine as Graham Purvis
2009 The Cry of the Owl as Robert Forrester
2001 Happy Now as Glen Marcus
2012 Now Is Good as Father
2011 Blitz as Porter Nash
2008 My Zinc Bed as Paul
2013 The World's End as Steven Prince
2002 Bouncer as Knife Man
2013 Girl on a Bicycle as Derek
2014 Pride as Dai
2014 The Double as 'The Replicator' - Jack
2015 Child 44 as Vladimir Malevich
2000 Born Romantic as Ray
2015 Macbeth as Banquo
2015 Miss You Already as Jago
2000 The Man with No Name as The Man with No Name
2000 The Poppa Squeeze Affair as Tony Maroni
2016 The Girl with All the Gifts as Sgt. Eddie Parks
2018 Funny Cow as Angus
2017 The Death of Stalin as Comrade Andryev
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