Andy Serkis

Date of Birth 20 Apr. 1964
Place of Birth Ruislip, Middlesex, UK



2001 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring as Gollum / Witch-king of Angmar (voice)
2002 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers as Gollum / Snaga (voice) / Mauhúr (voice)
2005 King Kong as Kong / Lumpy
2006 The Prestige as Alley
2004 13 Going on 30 as Richard Kneeland
2008 Inkheart as Capricorn
2002 24 Hour Party People as Martin Hannett
2004 Blessed as Father Carlo
2006 Flushed Away as Spike (voice)
2002 Deathwatch as Pvt. Thomas Quinn
2006 Stormbreaker as Mr. Grin
2008 The Cottage as David
2000 Shiner as Mel
2006 Longford as Ian Brady
2008 Einstein and Eddington as Albert Einstein
2010 Brighton Rock as Mr. Colleoni
1999 Topsy-Turvy as John D'Auban
2011 The Adventures of Tintin as Captain Haddock / Sir Francis Haddock (voice)
1997 Career Girls as Mr. Evans
2002 The Escapist as Ricky Barnes
2010 Burke & Hare as William Hare
2007 Sugarhouse as Hoodwink
2000 Five Seconds to Spare as Chester
2011 Death of a Superhero as Dr. Adrian King
2004 Stories of Lost Souls as Granny / Rastafarian / Hunter Jackson
2011 Wild Bill as Glen
2007 Extraordinary Rendition as Maro, Interrogator
1997 Mojo as Potts
1998 Among Giants as Bob
2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens as Supreme Leader Snoke
1995 The Near Room as Bunny
1999 Shooting the Past as Styeman
1999 Sweety Barrett as Leo King
1997 Agatha Christie's The Pale Horse as Sergeant Corrigan
2017 Star Wars: The Last Jedi as Supreme Leader Snoke
2018 Black Panther as Ulysses Klaue / Klaw
2001 Pandaemonium as John Thelwall
2013 The Magnificent Lion Boy as Umberto Farini
2012 London: The Modern Babylon as Quotations spoken by
2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron as Ulysses Klaue / Klaw
2011 Arthur Christmas as Lead Elf #8 (voice)
1997 Loop as Bill
1994 Royal Deceit as Torsten
1970 Untitled Third Tintin Film as Haddock (rumored)
2017 Horror Show as The Demented Clown
2000 The Jolly Boys' Last Stand as Anthony 'Spider' Dale
2000 Arabian Nights as Kasim
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