Peter Capaldi

Date of Birth 14 Apr. 1958
Place of Birth Glasgow, Scotland, UK



1988 Dangerous Liaisons as Azolan
1997 Bean as Gareth
1983 Local Hero as Oldsen
1988 The Lair of the White Worm as Angus Flint
2005 House Of 9 as Max Roy
2009 In the Loop as Malcolm Tucker
2013 World War Z as W.H.O. Doctor
2011 Big Fat Gypsy Gangster as Peter Van Gellis
2006 Wild Country as Father Steve
2006 Pinochet's Last Stand as Andy McEntee
2002 Solid Geometry as David Hunter
1996 Giving Tongue as Duncan Fielding
2013 The Fifth Estate as Alan Rusbridger
1993 Prime Suspect 3 as Vera Reynolds
1985 John and Yoko: A Love Story as George Harrison
2012 The Cricklewood Greats as Himself
2013 Inside the Mind of Leonardo as Leonardo da Vinci
1997 Smilla's Sense of Snow as Birgo Lander
2014 Paddington as Mr. Curry
1993 Soft Top Hard Shoulder as Gavin Bellini
2014 Doctor Who: Last Christmas as The Doctor
1994 Captives as Simon
2002 Max as David Cohn
2001 Hotel! as Hilton Gilfoyle
2004 Modigliani as Jean Cocteau
1992 Mr. Wakefield's Crusade as Luke Wakefield
2007 Fallen Angel as Henry Appleton
2008 The Devil's Whore as King Charles I
2014 Doctor Who: Deep Breath as The Doctor
2007 The Rise of the Nutters as Malcolm Tucker
2007 Spinners and Losers as Malcolm Tucker
2012 Punk Britannia as Narrator
2010 Bistro as Max
1996 Neverwhere as Islington
1993 Micky Love as David Critchley
2010 The Nativity as Balthazar
2017 Paddington 2 as Mr Curry
2003 Unconditional Love as DI Terry Machin
1985 Turtle Diary as Assistant Keeper
2004 Passer By as Defence Barrister
2008 Midnight Man as Trevor
1989 Dream Baby as Willie
1988 The Love Child as Dillon
1997 Shooting Fish as Mr Gilzean
2005 The Best Man as Priest
2011 Field of Blood as Dr Pete
2014 Deep Breath as The Doctor
1991 Selling Hitler as Thomas Walde
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